Our local food bank is where we introduce to them to participate for a change

This old man has been on the street since 2002. He appreciated our time spent with him.


  • We call our outreach 7 VEGGIE SOUP (nutritious)

  • We serve hot soup and bread, & snacks to homeless every 2 weeks

  • We hand out Gospel tracts and Bible.

  • We create friendship with them.

  • We reach out to them in Subways, outside shopping Centre, Parks, on the street.

  • We offer them the clothes if needed. We help some of who are willing to be helped.

  • We pray with them.

  • We offer to prepare their Resumes to enable them to look for jobs and rent a place. (we have volunteers with administration skills)

  • We invite them to participate in activities as volunteering that can motivate them. (Some come to volunteer at the local Food bank or fellowship at church)


  • We serve average of 70 homeless every 2 weeks 

  • We plan to serve Sandwich, Tea, Cafe, Chocolate drink and other meal in the summer. 

  • We offer them our assistance to enable them to find a place to rent and provide a list of resources they can go to get back to work if willing.

  • The joy of it is the smile on their faces and their appreciation 

                 GOD CARES & WE CARE

   Tract outreach for the homeless

A gallery of our visit to the homeless


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